Tracified Wallet Application v.1.0 Release

We are happy to announce the initial release of Tracified Wallet app which is a mobile app for both iOS and android platforms. Currently the app is in an alpha release.

Tracified Wallet app is intended to serve as the main operational frontend for blockchain facing supply chain participants.

The key features of the application include:

  • Creation of Blockchain Accounts

A mandatory requirement is for the wallet users to create their own Blockchain accounts.

  • Public key management of the users

Multiple accounts can be managed. Can choose default account and retrieve the change of custody details of that account Also the user is able to check the account funds

  • Initiating a Change of Custody (CoC)

Ability to send items to another account. User will be able to scan the code or enter the identifier and perform a ‘Transfer’ to the receiver’s account name.

  • Viewing current change of custody requests

User will be able to view the lists of the current CoC requests.

  • Capability for accepting / rejecting change of custody requests

A time-bound validity is set to ensure that the receiver responds within a given time period, if they don’t the request will be expired.

Though the app is not yet available publicly in AppStores, the current preview can be downloaded from:

Vinusha Perera

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